Agentive means

  • Action
  • Taking responsibility
  • Confidence in your decisions

Agentive means

  • Action
  • Taking responsibility
  • Confidence in your decisions

bp and the Sumitomo Corporation are transforming their supply chains through Agentive.

“Agentive is a new and innovative digital procurement platform, built by industrials, for industrials.”

Chris Garwood, VP Supply Chain Solutions


“Agentive enables us to materialize business transformation with digital technology and contributes to achieving our ESG goals."

Masaki Nakagaki, General Manager, Metal Products Business Unit

Sumitomo Corporation

Trust through Transparency

Agentive gives real time visibility of your resources throughout the supply chain, enabling better business decisions through:

Reducing waste and unlocking value in the supply chain
Decarbonizing the supply chain
Enhancing supply chain resilience
Reinventing the workflow through automation

The Platform

Agentive integrates ‘buyer and supplier’ digital systems, creating connectivity of the ‘end to end’ value chain.

Agentive’s use of IoT delivers real time data to enable the best commercial decisions.

The Platform manages complexity for you.

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How it works

Agentive's core features are:

Connect: provides an interface between buyer and supplier, connecting each system through APIs

Procure: the place for buyers and suppliers to connect - the window to live data on inventory and demand levels

Track: using IoT you can track all products purchased and follow their journey to the end user

Settle: automated financial reconciliation delivers accelerated payment - augmenting resilience within your supply chains

Agentive gives you actionable insights, increased certainty, and brings a new level of trust in your supply chain.


Turning contracts into
valuable collaborations

Agentive will connect you to your supply chain in a new way.

You’ll move beyond contractual transactions - deepening trust will transform your relationships, turning them into circular/sustainable partnerships.

You have the opportunity to equip your supply chain management for the challenges of tomorrow.