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The Positive Workplace Sales Training

We help organizations become positive workplaces

Constant demands, 24-7 communication, and doing more with less all contribute to an environment where it is difficult to maintain focus and engagement. But some organizations manage to create an environment that does exactly that. Over and over, research is showing that organizations that invest in the wellbeing of their people create happy, healthy employees who are more engaged, focused, and productive. This translates to measurable results like lower turnover, improved performance, and higher profitability.

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Create a positive workplace through proven interventions


    • Validated assessments help determine your baselines for growth
    • Established consulting models help define the problem

Action Planning and Implementation

    • Recommended interventions address the barriers to positive performance


    • Performance consulting to measure results


Achieve positive performance: choose to be happy on the job

Imagine if you and your employees experienced a 10 percent increase in your connection and commitment to your work.  What would be the impact on efficiency and productivity?

The Positive Workplace is a modular training curriculum that guides teams through scientifically validated techniques that increase individual and organizational well-being.

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Strengths Based Selling

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