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Management/Leadership Training
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Strengths Based Management™

Intended audience:  New and tenured managers, can be tailored specifically to sales managers

Participants will:

  • Complete the SRG TalentProfiler™
  • Assess the knowledge, skills, signature talent themes and strengths of each member of their team
  • Develop a plan to leverage the the top talents of their direct reports to increase productivity
  • Tie performance objectives and developmental plans to key motivational factors
  • Practice delivering feedback based on key talents and motivational factors
  • Build an action plan to coach their team based on their top talents

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What Others Say

“Since I am very self-motivated I didn’t really buy into the concept of giving positive feedback at least once a week.  I don’t need it, so I didn’t see the value of spending time providing it to my people.  According to her SRG TalentProfiler™, I discovered that one of my reps is highly motivated by recognition.  She needs to be told a lot that what she does has really had an impact on the company’s mission.  Just by taking a few minutes a week to acknowledge her accomplishments, her productivity has soared.  I’m definitely a believer now.”  

Sales Manager, LifeCell

Strengths Based Selling
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Strengths Based Selling
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