Grateful for the TV Remote

I woke up this morning feeling grateful for the TV remote.  Our only TV – and by extension, our only remote – is in our family room downstairs. That’s a whole flight of 12 stairs.  And since I am currently beginning my 9th week on crutches following a skiing accident and subsequent surgery (4 or 5 more weeks to go!), 12 stairs is a challenge akin to swimming across the English Channel: do-able, but not by me.  During this period of The Great Inconvenience I’ve been working on practicing gratitude, and believe me it has come in handy!  I’m grateful for the incredible rock-hard biceps I’m developing from lifting my body weight hundreds of times a day.  I’m grateful for my husband’s company and for all the ways he has taken care of me. I’m grateful that because I’m hopping around on one foot all the time, one of my butt cheeks is going to look like Beyoncé’s at the end of all this (I’ll worry about the other one later).  I’m grateful for all my friends who have rescued us from take-out food by bringing home-cooked meals and their welcome company. And I’m so very grateful that this is temporary.  I’m grateful for physical therapy, and the medical insurance that pays for it.  Last night, when the Netflix movie on my computer ended and I had to actually get up and cross the room to start another, I thought of all those folks who can’t get up.  And I was grateful for the TV remote.

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